Dr.K Thulaseedharan NairManaging Director( Mannam Sugar Mills Co-operative Limited, Pandalam
Ex-Officio Director (Government Appointment)
Former Controller at Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment
Former Managing Director at Kerala State cooperative Rubber marketing Federation Ltd
Former Registrar at Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi
Former Managing director at Kerala State Co-operative Consumers Federation Limited
Ph.D from Cochin University of Science and Technology,
MBA at College of Engineering- Trivandrum, P.G in Personnel management from NIPM – Kolkata,


Dr.Robin J Thomson
Mannam Ayurveda
Co-operative Medical College& Hospital, M.S.M. P.O.
Pandalam 689501
Pathanamathitta Dist
Phone no: 04734-252235
Mob: 9746179800
Fax: 04734-252253
(39 Yrs)
ProfessorM S (Ay).
ShalyaTantra RGUHS
836118-07-200828.09.2018 onwards
MannamAy.Co-operative Medical College, Pandalam


1.G.ReghuB.Com , C A Inter12-01-1994Accounts
College Office
2.Sreejith.M.SB.Com with 5 years experience
in Banking and Finance, Computer
02-05-2019AccountantCollege Office
3.Dr.Muraleedharan Pillai.T.VMA, M.L.I.S, M.Phil, Ph.D01-10-2018LibrarianLibrary
4.Sivadas.PPDC11-02-2017ClerkCollege Office
03-04-2008ClerkCollege Office
6.Hari.KB.Sc03-09-2008Assistant LibrarianLibrary
7.Pyarilal SP.D.C03-04-2008Library AttenderLibrary
8.VijayalakshmiBsc.MLT02-12-2019Lab TechnicianKriya shareeram
9.Smitha LalachanDiploma in MLT02-02-2017Lab TechnicianRoganidanam
10.Tharabhai OP.D.C,Computer03-03-2008Lab TechnicianDravyaguna Vijnan
11.Lekha Rani R SB.Com-computer02-06-2008Laboratory TechnicianShalyaTanta
12.Ampily.AS.S.L.C08-10-2018Lab TechnicianRasasastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
13.Ajayaprakash.C.JS.S.L.C25-10-2008Lab TechnicianRachana Shareeram
14.Vijayamma.C.GS.S.L.C05-12-2008Lab AssistantRasasastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
15.Radhamony Amma.M.KS.S.L.C25-10-2011Museum keeperDravyaguna
Shalakya Tantra , Panchakarma and Balaroga
17.Sumangala.PS.S.L.C, B A03-04-2008AttenderSamhita & Sidhantha
18. Raveendran.P.S.S.L.C01-04-2019LifterRachana shareeram
19.Ashok Kumar.NS.S.L.C01-07-2016Museum
& Swasthavritha
21.Vimalamma.KS.S.L.C AttenderPrasutiTantra.
Shalakya Tantra , Panchakarma and Balaroga
22.Sreeja.M.SMLT01-02-2019Lab TechnicianRoganidanam
23.Suresh C AS.S.L.C01-12-2008Herbal GardnerHerbal
24.SanthaS.S.L.C03-04-2008Multi purpose WorkerHerbal Garden
25.Sumitha.G.NairB.A01-12-2016Lab AssistantDravyaguna –P.G–Other
26.Suja P.PS.S.L.C22-02-2008Multi purpose WorkerDravyaguna –Others
27.Anitha.TBBA and PGDC01-10-2019Museum keeperRachana Shareera
purpose worker
 Herbal Garden
29.Anandan.DS.S.L.C01-02-2017Laboratory AssistantKriya Sharir
30.Sandhya.S.NairMLT02-12-2019Laboratory TechnicianDravyaguna
31.Soman NairS.S.L.C01-11-2018Museum keeperKriya shareeram
32.V.C.MathewS.S.L.C02-12-2019Laboratory AssistantRachana shareeram
33.Bhanu.P.SS.S.L.C01-12-2017Multi purpose workerRoganidanam
34.Rajan Pillai.JS.S.L.C01-02-2017AttenderDravyaguna
35.Joseph.K.TS.S.L.C01-02-2018Lab AssistantShalyatantra
36.Reghunath.NS.S.L.C01-02-2018Lab AssistantRoganidanam Evam Vikritivijnanam
purpose worker
38.Joseph MathewS.S.L.C01-02-2017AttenderRachana Shareeram
40.Sarojiniamma.L8th standard01-02-2017


Kriya shareeram
2019 Batch January Attendance 2020 2019 Batch February Attendance 2020 2019 Batch March Attendance 2020 2019 Batch April Attendance 2020 2019 Batch May Attendance 2020 2019 Batch June Attendance 2020 2019 Batch July Attendance 2020 2019 Batch August Attendance 2020 2019 Batch September Attendance 2020 2019 Batch September Attendance 2019 Batch October Attendance 2019 Batch November Attendance 2019 Batch December Attendance 2018 Batch January Attendance 2020 2018 Batch February Attendance 2020 2018 Batch March Attendance 2020 2018 Batch April Attendance 2020 2018 Batch May Attendance 2020 2018 Batch June Attendance 2020 2018 Batch July Attendance 2020 2018 Batch August Attendance 2020 2018 Batch September Attendance 2020 2018 Batch July Attendance 2018 Batch August Attendance 2018 Batch November Attendance 2018 Batch December Attendance 2017 Batch January Attendance 2020 2017 Batch February Attendance 2020 2017 Batch March Attendance 2020 2017 Batch April Attendance 2020 2017 Batch May Attendance 2020 2017 Batch June Attendance 2020 2017 Batch July Attendance 2020 2017 Batch August Attendance 2020 2017 Batch September Attendance 2020 2017 Batch July Attendance 2017 Batch December Attendance 2016 Batch January Attendance 2020 2016 Batch February Attendance 2020 2016 Batch March Attendance 2020 2016 Batch April Attendance 2020 2016 Batch May Attendance 2020 2016 Batch June Attendance 2020 2016 Batch July Attendance 2020 2016 Batch August Attendance 2020 2016 Batch September Attendance 2020 2016 Batch July Attendance 2016 Batch August Attendance 2016 Batch December Attendance 2015 Batch January Attendance 2020 2015 Batch July Attendance 2015 Batch August Attendance 2015 Batch September Attendance 2015 Batch October Attendance 2015 Batch November Attendance 2015 Batch December Attendance

The Cell is constituted in accordance with the directive of the Government. It will look into the complaints of any kind of ragging in the campus: any physical or mental torture or any disorderly conduct towards any student of this institution causing apprehension, dread, humiliation or agitation in him or her. The college is particularly firm on taking actions against the offenders, as per the provisions contained in the Anti Ragging Act of Kerala.


Members of Anti-Ragging committee of MACMC, Pandalam

1Dr. Robin J ThomsonPrincipal / Hostel Warden
(Mob. No. 9495340985)
2Dr.Indu.RAsso.Professor/AO Incharge
(Mob.No. 9400772700)
3Dr.Devi.R.NairAsso. Professor (Mob.No.9496255344)
4Sri.Reghu GAccount Officer
5 Prof.Dileep.CPTA President
6 SI of PolicePandalam
7 Village OfficerPandalam
8 Sri. Ramakrishna Pillai.P.NAdvocate, Adoor
9Sri.K.C Giresh KumarReporter Mathrubhumi
10 College Union Chairperson   2018-2019Ms.Finta Francis (2015 Batch)
11Students Class Representative 2018-2019Ms.Amala James (2016 Batch)


Members of Anti-Ragging Squad of MACMC, Pandalam

1Dr.Robin J ThomsonPrincipal
2Dr.Indu.RAsso.Professor/AO Incharge
3Dr. Archana A RAsso. Professor
4Dr.Parameswaran .SAsst. Professor
5Dr.Resmi.RAsst. Professor
6College Union Chairperson   2018 – 2019Ms.Finta Francis (2015 Batch)
7Students’ Class Representative 2018-2019 Ms.Amala James (2016 Batch)


SI NOMembers
1Dr.Robin J Thomson
3Dr. Kavitha
4Miss. Abitha .S.Babu
6Miss. Arani.S
7Mr. Alithwahir.T.K


With reference to the CCIM regulations 2012 dt.18/07/2012, and KUHS circular
No.8747/AC1/GenA2/KUHS/2016 dt 07.02.2017 the college council is hereby constituted as under.

1Dr.Robin J ThomsonShalya TantraPrincipalChairman
3Dr.Parthasarathi P. SR&BProfessorMember
4Dr. Anitha RenniKayachikitsaProfessorMember
6Dr.K.S Aswini DevPanchakarmaProfessorMember
7Dr.Juno VaidyanRachana ShareeraProfessorMember
8Dr.Sooraj SDravyagunaProfessorMember
9Dr.Rajesh.R.PrasadSwasthavrittaAssociate ProfessorMember
10Dr. P.N.JayasinghKaumara BhrityaAssociate ProfessorMember
11Dr.Arun Babu.SShalakya TantraAssociate ProfessorMember
12Dr.Archana .A. RSamhita &SiddhantaAssociate ProfessorMember
13Dr. Devi. R. NairKriya ShareeraAssociate ProfessorMember
14Dr.VishnumayaPrasuti & StrirogaAssociate ProfessorMember
15Dr. Vishnu Mohan .P.MKayachikitsaAssistant Professor in charge of Physical EducationMember
16Sri.Reghu GAdministrationAdministrative officerMember
17Prof. Dileep.CParentPTA PresidentMember
18Dr.Shubha.K.SKayachikitsaAssociate ProfessorMembers of Teaching staff
nominated for the time being
19Dr.Harikrishnan.MKaumara BhrityaAssistant ProfessorMembers of Teaching staff
nominated for the time being
20Ms. Finta FrancisStudentCollege Union ChairpersonMember

Academic Monitoring Cell: Institutional Academic Committee Formation

1Principal ( Chairperson )Dr.Robin J Thomson
2Co-ChairpersonDr.Indu. R.
3Person ResponsibleDr. Jaya Sreenivasan
4Course Co-ordinatorDr.Jayanthi
5Reaserch Co-ordinatorDr. Shubha K.S
6Samhita SidhantaDr. Archana A.R
7Rachana ShareeraDr.Juno Vaidyan
8Kriya ShareeraDr.Devi R Nair
9DravyagunaDr.Sooraj S
10Rasashatra & Bhaishajya KalpanaDr.Parthasarathi. P.S
12Agada TantraDr.Ananthakrishnan.C
13Swastha VrittaDr.Rajesh.R.Prasad
14KaumarabhrithyaDr. Jaya Sreenivasan
15Prasuti Tantra & StrirogaDr.Vishnumaya
16Kaya ChikitsaDr. Anitha Renni
17Salya TantraDr.Robin J Thomson
18Shalakya TantraDr. Viswalekshmi.S
19PanchakarmaDr. K.S Aswinidev

The lnstitutional Ethics Committee of Mannam Ayurveda Co-operative Medical Colege,Pandalam was reconstituted and meeting was held on7/12/2019 to discuss suggestions regarding Ayurvedic Formulations manufactured by Mannam Ayuweda Pharmaceuticals.

The Ethnic Committee members :

SI NODesignationMembers
1CHAIRPERSONDr. K G Padmakumaran Nair
H.O.D Dept of Biochemistry
N.S.S College, Pandalam
2Medical ScientistDr. Manoj Narayanan
Associate Professor
Dept of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering
Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor
3SociologistSreejith P
MSW Kudumbasree Block Co-ordinator,
Pathanamthitta District Mission
4Legal ExpertAdv K Ramakrishnan Unnithan
Advocate & Notary (Govt of India) Mavelikkara
5TheologistSasi Kurnara Varma
Pandalam Palace
6ClinicianDr. K N Santhi Kumari MBBS, DA)
Anaesthesiologist, CM Hospital
7Member SecretaryDr Subha KS
Associate Professor
MACMC, Pandalam
8ClinicianDr Rajesh R Prasad
Associate Professor
MACMC, Pandalam
9Basic Medical ScientistsDr Dhanesh Kannan R
Associate Professor
Dept of Rasashatra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
MACMC, Pandalam
10LaypersonM B Binu Kumar

The PTA of the college is strong and active providing all possible support for the promotion of academic activity. It facilitates contact between the parents and the teachers and is an effective forum to better the academic atmosphere and execute developmental programmes. It has also instituted cash award for the students of this college scoring, the highest marks in degree courses in the University examinations. The PTA also gives awards to the top scorers in degree courses in the model examination.

List of PTA Executive Members 2019 – 20

1.PresidentProf Dileep C
2.Vice PresidentRenu Vageeswaran –
3.SecretaryDr.Indu. R.
4.Joint SecretaryDr.Jaya Srinivasan -9562922372
5.TreasurerDr. Rajesh R. Prasad
6.Parent MemberHarilal N – 9447104563
7.Parent MemberSanthosh – 9446915929
8.Parent MemberSivaprasad – 7025687621
9.Parent MemberSatheesh Chandran – 061933470
10.Parent MemberGeorge fleshy – 9447421717
11.Parent MemberAbdulla – 8129012931
12.Teachers MemberDr. Archana A R
13.Teachers MemberDr. Sooraj – 9846541480
14.Teachers Member Programme Officer NSSDr.Deepti Krishna – 9400617727
15.Patron – PrincipalDr. Robin J Thomson

Book Resources in the Library 2019



Details of equipment and instruments required for Rogavijnan laboratory

Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1 Binocular microscope Fifteen Fifteen
2 Microscope with oil immersion Fifteen Fifteen
3 Monocular microscope with oil emersion lens20(e) Fifteen Fifteen
4 X-ray view box Four Four
5 Sahli’s square tube Thirty Thirty
6 Hb pipette Thirty Thirty
7 Wbc pipette Thirty Thirty
8 Dropper Thirty Thirty
9 Red cell pipette Thirty Thirty
10 Improved neubauer chamber Thirty Thirty
11 Incubator One One
12 Wintrobe’s tube Thirty Thirty
13 Pasteur’s pipette Thirty Thirty
14 Centrifuge graduated machine One One
15 Westregrens pipette Thirty Thirty
16 Westergrens’s stand Thirty Thirty
17 Urinometer Thirty Thirty
18 Autoclave One One
19 Ultraviolet lamp One One
20 Cell counter (haemoautoanalyser) One One
21 Bp apparatus Thirty Thirty
22 Stethoscope Thirty Thirty
23 Thermometer Thirty Thirty
24 Tongue depressor Thirty Thirty
25 Stop watch Thirty Thirty
26 Physical balance One One
27 Hot air oven One One
28 Bunsen burner Thirty Thirty
29 Refrigerator One One
30 Sterile vessels/bottle to collect samples Assorted Available
31 Torch Assorted Available
32 Knee hammer Assorted Available
33 Measuring tape Assorted Available
34 Ent examination set Assorted Available
35 Reflectors(mirrors) Assorted Available
36 Weighing machine One One
37 Tuning forks Assorted Available
38 Nasal speculum Assorted Available
39 Laryngoscope Assorted Available
40 Catheters Assorted Available
41 Probes Assorted Available
42 Hbsag kit Assorted Available
43 Hiv kit – tridot (method by t mitra) Assorted Available
44 Ct and bt kit Assorted Available
45 Renal profile, let kit, lipid profile, blood sugar kit Assorted Available
46 Sterile disposable lancer/needle Assorted Available
47 Glass rod Assorted Available
48 Syringe needle destroyer Assorted Available
49 Cover slip Assorted Available
50 Cleaned slides Assorted Available
51 Litmus paper Assorted Available
52 Ph indicator paper strips Assorted Available
53 Test tube Assorted Available
54 Separating funnels of various sizes Assorted Available
55 Glass jars with lid of different sizes Assorted Available
56 Capillary tubes Assorted Available
57 Rubber sheat Assorted Available
58 Magnifying lens Assorted Available
59 Water bath Assorted Available
60 Multi stix Assorted Available

Details of equipment and instruments required for Labour room

S. No. Equipment and instruments Required quantity Available in the dept
1 Shadowless Lamp One One
2 Suction Machine (Neonatal) One One
3 Oxygen Cylinder and Mask One One
4 FoetalToco Cardiograph One One
5 Radiant Warmer One One
6 Photo therapy Unit One One
7 Weighing Machine (Paediatric) One One
8 Patient trolley Two Two
9 Anaesthesia trolley One One
10 Infantometer One One
11 Vacuum extractor One One
12 Foetal Doppler One One
13 Low cavity forceps Two Two
14 Steriliser Two Two
15 Machintosh rubber sheet Assorted Available
16 Instruments for labour and Episiotony. (Scissors, forceps, needle holders etc.) Assorted Available
17 Baby tray Two Two
18 Nebuliser One One
19 Foetoscope Five Five
20 Auto Clave One One
21 Drums Assorted Available
22 Instrumental Trolley Assorted Available
23 OT tables and head Up and head Low facility One One
24 Pulse Oximeter One One
25 Resuccitation kit One One
26 Boyle’s apparatus One One
27 Electrocautery One One
28 MTP Suction Machine One One
29 Anaesthesia Kit One One
30 Blunt and Sharp Curettes Ten Ten
31 Dilators set (Hegar’s, Hawkins) Five Ten
32 Sims’s Speculum Five Eight
33 Cusco’s Speculum Five Nine
34 Anterior Vaginal Wall retractor Five Five
35 Uterine sound Five Twelve
36 Volsellum Five Thirteen
37 MTP Suction Currate Five Ten
38 Retractors abdominal (Doyne’s etc.) Five Five
39 Sponge holding forceps Five Twelve
40 Green armytage forceps Five Five
41 Uterus holding forceps Five Five
42 Kocher’s forceps Five Five
43 Artery forceps (Long, short, Mosquito)Each Five L-5,M-5,S-5
44 Scissors- different sizes Five Nine
45 Forceps obstetrics Five Five
46 Endotrachial tubes Five Five
47 Cord Cutting appliances Five Five
48 I.U.C.D. removing hook Five Five
49 Bladder Sound Five Five
50 B.P. apparatus Two Two
51 HIV kit for emergency patients Assorted Available
52 Plain and Hole towels Assorted Available
53 Towel Clips Assorted Available
54 Catguts and Thread Assorted Available
55 Needles Assorted Available
56 Needle holders Assorted Available

Details of equipment and instruments required for operation theatre

Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1 Spot light (Shadow less ceiling fitted) One One
2 Needle holding Forceps (big- medium-small) Assorted Available
3 Dressing drums of Assorted size Assorted Available
4 Drum stand Assorted Available
5 IV Stand Two Three
6 Cheatles Forceps Four Four
7 Mosquito forceps Four Eight
8 Scissors straight (Tailor) Four Seven
9 Scissors curved of different sizes Five each Eleven
10 Stitch removal scissors Five each Five
11 Dissection forceps Four Four
12 Sinus Forceps Four Eight
13 Probes – Assorted size Five each Five
14 Pointed scissors Four Four
15 Abdominal Retractors Five Six
16 Tissue Forceps Five Eight
17 Bob Kock’s Forceps Five Five
18 Kocher’s Forceps Five Eight
19 Urethral Dilators Five each Thirteen
20 Metal Catheters Five each Eight
21 Sponge holding forceps Four Nine
22 Right Angle cholecystectomy Forceps Four Seven
23 Stone holding forceps Four Four
24 Allies Forceps small Four Eleven
25 Allies Forceps Big Four Four
26 Artery Forceps small Four Four
27 Artery Forceps big Four Four
28 Artery Forceps Medium Four Ten
29 Sigmoidoscope Rigid/flexible One One
30 Barron Pile’s Gun Two Two
31 Laryngoscope Pediatric/Adult One Two
32 Boyles Apparatus One One
33 Multi-parameter Monitor One One
34 Ambu Bag Two Three
35 Suction machine Electrical or Manual One Two
36 Skin grafting knife with handle Assorted Available
37 Surgical blades of different size Assorted Available
38 Self-Retaining Retractor Assorted Available
39 Bone cutter Two Two
40 Gigli Saw Two Three
41 Scoop Assorted Available
42 Periasteum elevator Two Two
43 Maggles Forceps Assorted Available
44 High Pressure Autoclave One One
45 Nitrous Oxide Cylinder One One
46 Hydrolic Operation Table One One
47 Boyle’s Apparatus One One
48 Instrument Trolley Assorted Available
49 Endotracheal Tube Assorted Available
50 Proctoscope with or without illumination Two Three
51 Gabrial Syringe One One
52 Strecher with trolley Two Two
53 Suction Machine Assorted Available
54 Emergency power back up facility Assorted Available
55 Emergency light Four Four
56 Fire Extinguisher Two Two
57 BP Apparatus Assorted Available
58 Fumigator One One
59 Refrigerator One One
60 X-ray View Box (double) Two Two
61 Revolving Stool Assorted Available
62 Vertical BP Instrument One One
63 Rubber catheters of Assorted size Assorted Available
64 Corrugated rubber drain Assorted Available
65 Suturing Needle (straight/curved) of Assorted size Assorted Available
66 Surgical Thread Assorted Available
67 BP Handle of different size Assorted Available
68 Needle holder Assorted Available
2.SHALAKYA:Ophthalmic equipment or instruments for operative surgery.
69 Ophthalmic operation table with head rest Assorted Available
70 Sterilizing box / case with matts Assorted Available
71 Lens insertion forceps Assorted Available
72 Keratome Assorted Available
73 Desmarres lid retractors Assorted Available
74 Cat-paw lacrimal retractor Assorted Available
75 Mueller lacrimal sac retraction Assorted Available
76 Dastoor iris retractor Assorted Available
77 Meyrhoeferchalazion curette Assorted Available
78 Sinsky lens manipulating hook Assorted Available
79 Iol manipulator Assorted Available
80 Foreign body spud Assorted Available
81 Lewis len loop(vectis) Assorted Available
82 Cystotome and spoon Assorted Available
83 Mule evisceration spoon Assorted Available
84 Iris repository (double-ended) Assorted Available
85 Jameson muscle hook Assorted Available
86 Wills cautery with copper ball-point Assorted Available
87 Langs lacrimal sac dissector Assorted Available
88 Kelly glaucoma punch Assorted Available
89 Elevator ( double-ended) Assorted Available
90 Nasal speculum adult/ child Assorted Available
91 Wilder punctum dilator Assorted Available
92 Bowman lacrimal probes Assorted Available
93 Hartman mosquito forceps Assorted Available
94 Colibri forceps 1*2 teeth Assorted Available
95 Mc person corneal forceps with tying platform Assorted Available
96 Dressing forceps, serrated Assorted Available
97 Moorfieldconjunctival forceps Assorted Available
98 Fixation forceps Assorted Available
99 Beer cilea (epiliation)forceps Assorted Available
100 Arruga capsular forceps Assorted Available
101 Snellenentropion clamp Assorted Available
102 Chalazion clamps Assorted Available
103 Vannas straight scissors Assorted Available
104 Barraquer needle holder Assorted Available
105 Air injection cannula Assorted Available
106 Healon aspirating cannula Assorted Available
107 Ac washout cannula Assorted Available
108 Lacrimal cannula Assorted Available
109 Hydrodialysis cannula Assorted Available
110 J-loop cannula (right/left with silicon tubing) Assorted Available
111 Simcok direct i/a cannula with silicon tubing Assorted Available
112 Irrigating aspirating handle Assorted Available
113 Lens dialer Assorted Available
114 Superior rectus forceps Assorted Available
115 Eye wash glasses(for tarpana karma) Assorted Available
116 Swimming googles(for tarpana karma) Assorted Available
3. ENT-surgical or operative procedural instruments
117 Aural syringe Assorted Available
118 Jobson’s aural probe Assorted Available
119 Eustachian catheter Assorted Available
120 Mastoid retractor Assorted Available
121 Mastoid gouge Assorted Available
122 Mallet Assorted Available
123 Nasal foreign body hook Assorted Available
124 Nasal packing forceps Assorted Available
125 Nasal snare Assorted Available
126 Bayonet shaped gouge Assorted Available
127 Walscham forceps Assorted Available
128 Laryngeal forceps Assorted Available
129 Tongue plate with throat suction Assorted Available
130 Tonsil holding forceps Assorted Available
131 Tonsillar suction Assorted Available
132 Adenoid curette with cage Assorted Available
133 Peritonsillar abscess draining forceps Assorted Available
134 Fuller’s tracheostomy tube Assorted Available
135 Cheatel’s forceps Assorted Available
136 Other consumable articles like gloves,syringes,bandages,sutrasetc Assorted Available

Details of equipments and instruments required for out patient departments

Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1  X-Ray View Box One One
2 BP Apparatus Two Two
3 Stethoscope Four Four
4 Torch Two Two
5 Examination Table One One
6 Thermometer Four Four
7 Tongue depressor Five Five
8 Weight and height measuring stand One One
9 Measuring tape One One
10 Knee Hammer Two Two
11 Gloves Assorted Available
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1 X-Ray Viewing Box One Two
2 Stethoscope Four Four
3 Instruments for ano-rectal examination Two sets Two sets
4 Examination Table One One
5 BP Apparatus Two Two
6 Thermometer Four Four
7 Torch Assorted Available
8 Cheatle forceps Assorted Available
9 Minor OT Assorted  Available
10 Surgical Blades Assorted Available
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1. Tuning forks Assorted Available
2. Ophthalmoscope/ fundoscope Two Two
3. Auroscope Two Two
4. Examination table One One
5. X-ray viewing box One One
6. B p apparatus Two Two
7. Stethescope Four Four
8. Thermometer Four Four
9. Ent kit Assorted Available
10. Torch Two Two
11. Bull’s lamp One One
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1 Weighing machine One One
2 Sim’s speculum Two Two
3 Thermometer Four Four
4 Cusco’s speculum Two Two
5 Examination table One One
6 Lamb stand One One
7 Torch Two Two
8 X-ray view box One One
9 BP apparatus Two Two
10 Stethoscope Four Four
11 Measuring tape Two Two
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1 Scale One One
2 Weighing machine One One
3 Torch Two Two
4 X-ray view box One One
5 Thermometer Four Four
6 BP apparatus with pediatric cuff Two Two
7 Stethoscope Assorted Available
8 Examination table Assorted Available
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1  X-Ray View Box One One
2 BP Apparatus Two Two
3 Stethoscope Four Four
4 Torch Two Two
5 Examination Table One One
6 Thermometer Four Four
7 Tongue depressor Five Five
8 Weight and height measuring stand One One
9 Measuring tape One One
10 Knee Hammer Two Two
11 Gloves Assorted Available
Sl. No Equipment and instruments Required qty Available in the dept
1. Facilities available (equipment, instrument, furniture etc…) Assorted Yoga mat 40
Sl. No Facilities available (equipment, instrument, furniture etc…) Required qty
1 Armed chair One
2 Plastic chair Five
3 Wooden table One
4 Small table One
5 Computer One
6 Iron shelf Two
7 X-ray viewing box One
8 Stethoscope One
9 Thermometer One
10 BP apparatus One
11 Torch One
12 Iron screen stand One
13 Bed Two
14 Cupboard Three
15 Steel tray One
16 Scissors One
17 Tongue depressor One
18 Artery forceps One
19 Forceps One
20 Weighing machine One
21 Steel basin with stand One
22 Steel jug One

Book Resources in the Library 2017


Accomodation details of Hostel 2017



S.No Batch No. of students appeared No. of students passed Pass %
1 2017 56 23 41
2 2016 53 27 50.97
3 2015 36 23 64
4 2014 33 21 64